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Pashmina dimensions, good looking and bold. Sling it on over anything plain and you get instant cool points, plus colour. I had a black satin dress that I looked fine in until precisely the age of All black dresses. U sed to wear them to weddings fab! S ometimes ok in small doses. But definitely one to watch. You were Kate Moss, you are now Abigail at her Party. View latest offers from Very.

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Ladies: 5 Must-Know Tips for Online Dating after 40

So: 40 things every woman over fortysomething woman should know about fashion. It's time to grade up Your shoes Do not go quietly into the navy mid heel pump, or the plain loafer, or the really useful so comfy trainer. Your hair T he just got out of bed, beach bleached hair days are on the way out.


Your sunglasses A s a rule you want to go less mean and edgy, and more glamorous. Your smile I know that sounds creepy. It's time to watch out for Your knees Everyone goes on about arms. Popcorn coloured highlights O nly because you will start to look like every other greying fortysomething in the Western world. Espadrilles and flip flops Similar result. Denim You are never too old for the latest jeans if you look good in jeans. Shortish puffy sleeves Q uite flattering on the older arm, contrary to rumour, especially if not too puffy and not too short. Halternecks N o words.

Bows Hair bows. Bows on shoes. Bows on shirts and dresses. Dolly prints As in Scottie dogs or bananas or strawberries. Mary Janes Some are not so strict on this one. I say anything Alice in Wonderland does, leave well alone. Waisted full skirted summer dresses White Other than tailoring, and definitely lace as in broderie anglaise and guipure. Pie crust collars No no no. Anything Di would have worn, niet. Leave It To the Kids, obviously Victim jeans A s in Uber ripped and shredded or covered in sew on patches and embroidery. Maxi T he whole maxi thing is a bit of a lottery. Embroidery on backs Probably.

Also numbers. Cut off denim shorts You can wear denim cut offs forever.

Instant Small Cheats that work from fortysomething forever A splash out scarf Pashmina dimensions, good looking and bold. Some silver shoes Or gold. Just a bit of a Oooh so not quite so boring then. Switching the black leather biker The No Ways that sneak up on you and all you can do is keep checking LBDs I had a black satin dress that I looked fine in until precisely the age of Same for hats U sed to wear them to weddings fab! Chiffon S ometimes ok in small doses. Leopard print Tips over into blowsy any day now. I think one of the issues older women face is that we have an image in our minds of what we should look like and the person we see in the mirror is different.

My belief is that if you wore a trend the first time around—platforms, flared jeans, hippie chic, etc. Ugh Believe it or not I dress less conservatively now than 7 years ago. I second your vote for Catherine Not Dressed as Lamb, but I would also suggest not restricting yourself to age specific blogs. There are also some blogs out there that stress modesty and those cold be helpful as well.

Finding Love After 50 - Getting Married Over 50

Have Fun! Has anyone mentioned Fabulous after forty.

First Date Tips For Women Over 40 - Dating Advice for Women

The two founders offer advice on a wide range of topics such as what to wear for different occasions and how to carry off styles like leggings. Really worth checking out! Thank you Sal, for the mention. I feel honored to be included in a list of blogs that I love and have followed for a long time.

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And some things get better with age! I say, get a grip because you are just getting started. I loved my 50s and now, at 60, I am quite happy with my age and having more fun than ever before with my clothing. I think the author is in her 40 and has impeccable style.

No one is ever completely at peace with aging, and despite what they say, age sometimes is more than a number. It offers style inspiration, the latest fashion trends, how to dress articles and thoughts on fashion and dressing over If you have been blogging for more than 2 months and are over 40, you are welcome to add yours! My favourites are in your post, and more recommended in the comments, excellent!

At 41, I enjoy the incredible variety among bloggers, and find no shortage of inspiration. Twenty years ago, I was frustrated that there was almost nothing in the shops for me to buy to wear.

Now, at age 60, I do have an office job office casual, not too dressy , and I still wear the same kinds of things,: jeans not in faded blue, but dark wash denim, black, dark brown , T-shirts or tanks under little jackets, boots, scarves not so many hats these days. I have some skirts that come to the tops of my boots, and some that come to just above my knee.

I do read fashion blogs all ages , and look at style magazines, for inspiration, I buy socks, underwear and footwear new, but the bulk of my wardrobe is thrifted. I know what I like when I see it.

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I think if you wear what makes you feel terrific, happy, comfortable, beautiful, that is the most important thing. They tend to use small, poor quality photos, if any, and put them on a garish-coloured blog background that looks very old-fashioned and is wearing to look at. I mentioned Butane Anvil as an example of an over blogger who has a clear sense of aesthetics while being interestingly eccentric. Another now-over blog I like, for those who favour a more standard on-trend, non-eccentric style, is Does My Bum Look 40 in This?

Again, her style is not really my style but she does her style very well. I so agree with Anne above about not limiting oneself to resources aimed at individuals of a certain age. It is all too depressing and stifling. We all have to find our own path. For myself, my aim is to remain current in my dress as I age, rather than sliding into out-of-fashion cringeworthy one-foot-in-the-grave given-up dress. That does not, for me, mean wearing all the current trends, but it does mean having a clue about what is current-as-opposed-to-horribly-out in dress.

I am currently fascinated by how ideas in fashion are first criticised and later adopted. I have discovered that it is perfectly possible to cover my skin and still have the edge that suits my personality. Another thing that really annoys me is the assumption that every woman above a certain age is overweight. Where are the resources for women my age who workout and stay thin? Why must we all become psychologically old when we get older?